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Thursday, March 4, 2010

she sent us to pain

We said we liked magic
She told us we were evil
She told the bigs we had to go

they said yes ok
in a big bang and a shift of light
they listened to bitch face
and said she was right

at first on the third level they circled
they swooned
they touched and made fun of
but it ended so soon

within day we were strapped
to the ceiling with no

we were tortured
and told
we had no

we bled
we screamed
we died
we felt demeaned

and we hated the place
but we were strapped
to wall
a dungeon
and that was that

............ to be continued


  1. So very sad...I am glad she is not in your life anymore.

  2. thankyou for your comment it mens a lot to me


  3. I look forward to the rest of this. I think you are a great writer, suzy.