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Sunday, December 27, 2009

money money ***** triggering*****

money money
I didnt hear you come in daddy
i was busy listening to abba
i thought you had gone out
i wanted to pretend all was normal

Dont grab my hair daddy
it hurts so badly so
dont wrench it from its roots
ill do as you say

He looks into my eyes
as money money plays
and tilts his head backs
and lays in that way
he softly starts to sway
money money
is a rich mans way
money money so your little girl can weave her way

he turns it up aroused by its sound
i start to crumple
this wasnt what they meant
they didnt mean it for little girls like me

he licks my face like a dog
all the time humming
he groans that i turn him on
that it was me playing the money money song

suddenly im gasping for air
as he shoves his thing
into my mouth
and says suck baby suck for all your worth

i gag i almost throw up
this is the first time
hes made me suck

in a few moments he thrusts and screams
money money
he says that
is what i mean

he shuts my mouth
and swallow
i gag i twist
but i do as he says

he smiles and licks his lips
and says thats exactly what i mean
money money
that will make them be seen


Sunday, December 20, 2009

dont do it daddy

Dont do it daddy
dont come near
dont do it daddy
its you i fear

the pain reaches in
stretches far and wide
it takes my breath away
and hurts deep inside

im not your daddy he breathes
i am your torture
your moment
your life surreal

he is a monster
he likes to cause pain
he seems to get power
in his game

dont do it daddy
dont rip me from inside
please daddy
let me hide

deep inside i reach
far away to the dark places
nowhere can touch me there
no one will know or care

i hide inside the body
i hide for years
i never knew of others
or their boundless tears

i thought i was only one
but there are so many more
all of whom were shattered
by terrible peoples abuse

dear daddy dont do this to me
please daddy let me be free