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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

little mistress

mum why are you so sad
please mum i know you feel bad
dont fall into a heap
i know the tears you want to so weep
mum if you go to bed
you know dad will want us to take the lead
he will want us to play mum
an do as you do when the sun aint the sun
please mum dont lay down
mum wake up
we will not make sound
mum dont make day night and night day
mum please mum it will be ok
she sucks her thumb
and quietly tucks herself in
i know now
this is what my sister and i were entwined in
as my sister cooked
we played mum
we did as she did
i made it sound right
i was mum now
didnt anyone know
i knew what to do
to make it all sound so
but deep inside
i screamed out all night
i screamed and screamed
i knew it wasnt right
i never said i do
i will marry you
but it didnt make a difference
he always said i was his little mistress

Saturday, January 16, 2010

dont find me

curled into a ball
no end in sight
i fight the tears
with all my might

under the bench
my body goes
i squeeze myself in
as far as it goes

i hear them taunt
come out come out
wherever you are
let start looking she cant be far

i feel the pain as i squeeze more tight
i dont care i dont care
i wont give up
without a fight

i hide my eyes from seeing them come
with one yank my hair
come out in clumps
they grab me from my hiding place
and let me know i wasnt safe