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Thursday, March 25, 2010

the box

its dark
its cold
its a long long nite

i tri to hide
but i cant
them peple
they take me ote

tey pont to the ski
an sai
im his tonite

swirlin mist
it creeps in
covers me
in mi sin

a box
a lid
a smel
a fear

creakin open
arond the mist
i smel it
before it opens

they lay me down
my hands
cris crosed
an they put rite there
in that box

the smel
the gore
the breakin sound
and al the time the mistal round

the lid it goes on
ifeel so sik
plese anione no
i don wan this



  1. This is such a powerful poem. Thanks for sharing it with us, especially for the carnival. I hope that writing the poetry is healing for you. I'm so sorry for the scary memories. (((((((safe hugs))))))