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Saturday, September 18, 2010

you are one of ours

little fists holding a cage
eyes fixed
holding back rage

people coming and going
but no one stops
you are their newest little prop
ritual starts and still you are caged
your little eyes watch amazed
people in robes chanting so loud

drums to a beat
they beat so loud
you find yourself banging
your feet to the sound

Suddenly masks appear right in your face
they lift you high
right into space

they spin you this way and that
vomit appears in your throat
you know to not let it go


chalices topped up high
this it seems is your turn to shine
lifted in a robe
fully gold

people bowing
chanting your name

yet your name isnt the same
its a name youhavent heard before
lifted up by strong arms
you stare in his face

its kind and nice
full of grace
he whispers its ok
i wont hurt you

a crown upon his head
he says he rules the earth
and he will make me his

he lowers me gently down
silence all around
he strokes my cheek and says welcome
he turns and suddenly he crouches
i scream a long scream
into the daisies i go
because this man is the devil this i know

Cleo for one of ours

1 comment:

  1. so very sad...we get it but it makes us want to cry.