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Sunday, August 29, 2010

a cage childs memory

fists clenched,
scrunched body
face peering
eyes wandering
blue, ice,cold
too cold
four years old
crawling from one space to the other
eyes appearing
mothers voice
no more moving
no more scraping
i will teach you a lesson bitch
i will teach you now
her eyes turn yellow
her face all veined
ice cold ice cold
i scream and scream
i feel a warmth from deep inside
then i run and hide
i hide in the daisies
i hide in the fields
i hide where no one can
find me
when i come back my hands
they scrunch up
my feet burn
like fire
the mother
she smiles
she laughs
she screams
then what happens next
i know is obscene
cause i can
hear the next ones screams
a cage child yet un named written by Cleo


  1. I am so very sorry for your pain. Appreciate the transparency.

  2. Cleo and Sunny, or another one we don't know, thanks for writing this. It's so hard to share the pain for us, and it is good to see others doing it.